Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Year End Sale . Oh YES!

Dear valued customer,

We are now doing year end promotion for graftobian creme palette. With purchase of creme palette, get 2nd one 40% off. (Please refer above for the calculation)

You may proceed to  HD Creme Palette  entry for the shades selection.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

HD Creme Foundation (Single Color)

Our Hi-Def Glamour Shades are classified into Warm, Cool and Neutral for the convenience of the makeup artist or daily wear makeup user.

Our Hi-Def Glamour Cremes, as coined by Marianne Skiba, one of the Key Makeup Artists on TV’s super popular “Law & Order,” are ideal for Hi-Definition makeup whether or not you’re in front of a camera. This formula is soft and silky, light enough for everyday use, but with enough coverage to perform through even the most demanding of circumstances while yielding a flawless finish.
We asked Hollywood makeup artist Brad Look, who worked on STAR TREK ENTERPRISE, to help us create a line of colors comprised of the most commonly used shades in the professional makeup business today. Relying heavily on Brad’s extensive knowledge of digital and HDTV color requirements, we created this timeless and trememdously useful color range. Next, we duplicated each shade into our GlamAire™ airbrush makeup, so that artists can use cross platform application on the same face without having to match colors from scratch. We hope you find these products as useful for you as Brad and his Hollywood makeup artist peers have found them.

HD Creme Foundation (Single Color)
Net Weight 0.5 oz
Price RM120 each

HD & Airbrush Makeup using Graftobian for Diana Danielle

Airbrush Makeup & Hairstyle by IAN SHAM
Photographed by Annas Easkey
Wardrobe by Old Blossom Box

Pro Setting Powder

Face Powders are available in four shades in a convenient 0.5oz / 14grams packing. 

  • Transclucent is a neutral setting powder which will not change or dull colors. 
  • Clown White is used for powdering a white face to add brilliance. 
  • Skin Tone Light is a translucent light powder which works well to set light to medium-light skin tone makeups.
  • Skin Tone Dark is used to set makeups on mid-tone brown skin.

Pro Setting Powder
Net Weight : 0.5oz
Price : RM120

HD Pro Powder Foundation

In the industry these are known as dual active and high definition powders. 
Applied wet or dry, usually dry, HD Pro Powder™ is ideal for Hi-Def video, TV,film, and print work to soften features and remove glare. 
Also ideal for daily use by the girl on the go. 
For a flawless finish, apply directly over our Hi-Def Glamour Cremes in lieu of face powders.

HD Pressed Powder / Dual Finish Foundation
Net Weight : 0.41oz / 11.5 grams
Price :  RM165

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Graftobian has worked closely with Hollywood makeup artist Brad Look and his peers to create this Water based, silicone FREE, AirBrush makeup range of shades in a special formulation that yields durable coverage, comfort and color while also offering an alcohol free product
The actors on which Brad has used Graftobian Makeup have been impressed with the pleasing feel of the product. The camera personnel as well as the viewers are delighted with the natural, non-glossy look of the product
Whether you are using AirBrush Makeup for the nightly news anchor; the leading lady in a drama; big time film productions or just your own daily wear makeup, Graftobian GlamAire AirBrush Make-up will outperform and be more cost effective than whatever else you have tried.

Each shade of the GlamAire airbrush makeup is also available in Hi-Def Glamour Cremes.This brainchild of Brad Look's allows artists to use both media on the same face when necessary without having to try to match shades manually. (Incidentally, we use this same cross platform idea with our combination of our alcohol based F/X Aire airbrush makeup and our Rubber Mask Grease shades.)
Shades are separated into [W] Warm, [C] Cool, & [N] Neutral classifications for your convenience. 
(Thanks to Suzanne Patterson) The color chart generally flows from lightest to darkest within each classification.

GlamAire Airbrush Makeup
Net Weight : 1oz
RM165 each

Super Palettes

Graftobian now offers High Definition Glamour Cremes in this artist friendly Super Palette configuration. 
This is the most convenient way for an artist to use and travel with Graftobian full line of HD crème.
 Each palette contains substantially all of our color range in each of the three Super Palette styles. 

HD Crème Foundations: 
Warm (#30245), Neutral (#30246) and Cool (#30247).
RM550 each palette

Hi-Def Creme (HD) Palettes

This collection of palettes organizes most of the 55 of 64 shades, into handy and attractive .
39oz/11grams palettes whose purpose is to allow the artist a useful range of colors within the
Warm, Cool, or Neutral* undertones as required.

With rich color and coverage yet satin smooth creamy consistency, 
this Hi-Def Glamour Cremes are formulated to yield flawless
High Definition results whether or not you're in front of camera.
This special palettes were designed 
for artist convenience, poured into professional friendly, attractive packaging.
*Warm= yellow undertones,
*Cool= pink undertones,
*Neutral= grey/neutral undertones

Net Weight : 0.39oz / 11grams
RM170 each

Anti-Shine HD Foundation

The perfect HD makeup foundation primer, 
especially helpful for use on skin types that tend towards the more oily side of the spectrum.

Foundation primers do two things: 
First, they prepare the skin with a light barrier which helps to hold back oils from degrading the makeup, helping to keep a makeup looking good for several additional hours.

Second, a good HD primer will give a slight tack to the skin, but a dry tack that will bond to both the skin on one side and to the makeup on the other, again to help hold the makeup for longer durability.
Net Weight : 0.5oz / 14grams

Oxyderm Moisturizer

OxyDerm provides the skin with vital energy to keep it young and healthy-looking,
 containing several exciting ingredients to refine your skin, improves texture, clarity and tone, reduce puffines and improve the overall radiance of your skin. 

Gently massage into face and neck morning and evening to help deeply moisturize and firm the skin. When you feel this oxygen cream on your face you will feel truly transported as your skin will be soothed and softened without any greasy film or residue. 

This is absolutely first rate product. 
Size : 2oz / 56grams

Aloevation Toning / Smoothing Gel

An innovative smoothing cream to instantly visually diffuse lines and wrinkles. 
Contains our proprietary natural stone and aloe complex for long-term benefits in the reduction of facial lines and in dermal hydration for a younger looking skin. 

Use in the morning following moisturizer. 
Apply a layer to face and neck blending downwards. 
Allow to dry prior to makeup application. 

Also makes good primer for desert dry skin.

Net Weight : 1oz / 28grams

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brush Set

This is a very professional make-up brush.
Have collected all the make-up essential.
This is professional make-up artist necessities.

Material : Goat+ Ponny

Price : RM250